Johann Peter Oettinger: diary and travels, 1682-1696

With my colleague Roberto Zaugg (Sciences-Po, Paris), I am editing, translating, and publishing the journal of Johann Peter Oettinger (1666-1746). This unpublished account of the travels a German barber-surgeon in Europe and the Atlantic world, 1682-1696, contains rich material on west African, the Caribbean, the slave trade, and the life of a journeyman barber-surgeon. The diary was discovered in a Berlin archive in 2011. This project is supported by a grant from the National Humanities Foundation; for more information see .

Our first publication on Oettinger has just appeared in

Slavery Hinterland

Transatlantic Slavery and Continental Europe, 1680-1850

Edited by Felix Brahm and Eve Rosenhaft


Our ongoing project is

The Journal of Ship’s Surgeon Johann Peter Oettinger: A German Account of the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1688-94. Trans. Craig Koslofsky. An English edition of the unpublished account of Oettinger’s travels in Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.

Edited with an Introduction by Craig Koslofsky and Roberto Zaugg

A study of the Oettinger diary, the larger Oettinger family archive, and the “re-writing” of the diary in the service of German colonialism in the nineteenth century are the focus of the forthcoming book / Habilitationsschrift of Roberto Zaugg. See  for more details.


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